Over 60 Years of Service

We at Finnshipping are proud of our long dedication to the international shipping community.  The high standards of knowledge and the integrity of our personnel that was set out in 1954 are core values that the company still believes in today.

 We have been here for over 60 years and we are looking forward to continuing the work for many years to come.

Oy Finnshipping Ltd. is a member of Bimco and the Finnish Shipbrokers Association.



Our team of eight experienced brokers handles every kind of dry cargo commodity from steel products to biofuel or project shipments on a daily basis. The commitment and implementation of our chartering team ensure that each shipment is carried out with the utmost reliability and to the highest standards.

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We welcome challenges and look forward to giving you the benefits of our knowledge of your transportation requirements.

 A successful shipment and a satisfied customer is where our future lies.