Who we are

Oy Finnshipping Ltd

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Part of an international network of charterers and shipping companies

Oy Finnshipping Ltd. was founded in 1954 to assist the growing international trade that was emerging in Northern Europe and especially in Scandinavia. Over the years the focus is still on the base industry but the client portfolio has enlarged to a fully international network of Charterers and Ship Owners.

Our word is our bond

We at Finnshipping are proud of our long dedication to the international shipping community. The high standards of knowledge and the integrity of our personnel that was set out in 1954 are core values that the company still believes in.
"We have been here for over 60 years and we are looking forward to continue the work for many years to come."

Kontakta oss

Vi välkomnar utmaningar och ser fram emot att erbjuda er vår expertis och erfarenhet för era transportbehov.

En lyckad skeppning och en tillfredsställd kund – där ligger vår framtid.

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